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GLAMfaith - connecting faiths to locations

GLAMfaith - connecting faiths to locations

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Real faith

Gero & Michella, (no fixed religion)

When we got married five years ago we both wanted children. Four years later Michella was pregnant but shortly after the 12 week scan she suffered a very painful overnight miscarriage.  It was a challenge as we hurt a lot, but gradually God healed our hearts. A year later Michella suffered another miscarriage, it was still very painful but easier.  We were learning how to trust God’s word to take us through the circumstances. Two years later, on Cherie (“Gift of God”) weighed in at 9 pounds 14 onzes.  We are not super heroes who overcame the odds, just normal people who gave the odds to God and he has done the rest.


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Sarah, Judism

For years I suffered from a digestive disorder that caused a lot of daily pain and discomfort.  One night I asked some friends to pray for healing. I did not expect anything to happen as I did not really believe that God could do miracles.  However, after a few minutes I knew that something had happened.  I woke up the next morning and for the first time in 10 years I was not greeted by excruciating stomach pains with my breakfast and I have been pain free ever since.  If God can heal me he can heal you too!

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